Publications in Peer-Reviewed Astronomical Journals

Lead Author
(reverse chronological order)

  1. Empirical Constraints on the Nucleosynthesis of Nitrogen
    J. W. Johnson, D. H. Weinberg, F. Vincenzo, J. C. Bird, E. J. Griffith
    2022, submitted to MNRAS, under peer review
  2. Stellar Migration and Chemical Enrichment in the Milky Way Disc: A Hybrid Model
    J. W. Johnson, et al.
    2022, MNRAS, 508, 4484
  3. The Impact of Starbursts on Elements Abundance Ratios
    J. W. Johnson, D. H. Weinberg
    2020, MNRAS, 498, 1364
  4. The Secondary Spin Bias of Dark Matter Halos
    J. W. Johnson, A. H. Maller, A. A. Berlind, M. Sinha, J. K. Holley-Bockelmann
    2019, MNRAS, 486, 1156

Contributing Author
(reverse chronological order)

  1. Birth of the Galactic Disk Revealed by the H3 Survey
    C. Conroy, et al., incl. J. W. Johnson
    2022, submitted to ApJ, under peer review
  2. Primordial Helium-3 Redux: The Helium Isotope Ratio of the Orion Nebula
    R. J. Cooke, P. Noterdaeme, J. W. Johnson, M. Pettini, L. Welsh, C. Peroux, M. T. Murphy, D. H. Weinberg
    2022, ApJ, 932, 60
  3. Residual Abundances in GALAH-DR3: Implications for Nucleosynthesis and Identification of Unique Stellar Populations
    E. J. Griffith, D. H. Weinberg, S. Buder, J. A. Johnson, J. W. Johnson, F. Vincenzo
    2021, ApJ, 931, 23
  4. Chemical Cartography with APOGEE: Mapping Disk Populations with a Two-Process Model and Residual Abundances
    D. H. Weinberg, et al., incl. J. W. Johnson
    2021, ApJS, 260, 32
  5. CNO Dredge-Up in a Sample of APOGEE/Kepler Red Giants: Tests of Stellar Models and Galactic Evolutionary Trends of N/O and C/N
    F. Vincenzo, et al., incl. J. W. Johnson
    2021, submitted to MNRAS, under peer review
  6. The Impact of Black Hole Formation on Population-Averaged Supernova Yields
    E. J. Griffith, T. Sukhbold, D. H. Weinberg, J. A. Johnson, J. W. Johnson, F. Vincenzo
    2021, ApJ, 921, 73
  7. Nucleosynthesis Signatures of Neutrino-Driven Winds from Proto-Neutron Stars: A Perspective from Chemical Evolution Models
    F. Vincenzo, T. A. Thompson, D. H. Weinberg, E. J. Griffith, J. W. Johnson, J. A. Johnson
    2021, MNRAS, 508, 3499
  8. The Similarity of Abundance Ratio Trends and Nucleosynthesis Patterns in the Milky Way Disk and Bulge
    E. J. Griffith, et al., incl. J. W. Johnson
    2021, ApJ, 909, 77